There’s A Bluetooth Tampon That Lets You Know When It’s Time To Change It, Just Like You Always Wanted

The only thing worse than having your period is sneezing on the first day of your period and knowing instantly that the tampon you inserted earlier is, for lack of a better phrase, null and void. The fear of being a woman with a period and also interacting with the modern world is very real. But, now there’s (sort of) an app for that! Meet my.Flow, the Bluetooth tampon that lets you know when it’s time to change your plug.

According to Gizmodo, the original prototype for this smart tampon was basically a Bluetooth sensor with a wad of cotton wrapped around it – a tampon by the loosest of definitions. The idea of shoving electronics up in one’s undercarriage proved to be too much for most to stomach and the prototype is now  “a tampon with an extra long string that connects to a Bluetooth module on your waist.” The accompanying app lets you know when your tampon is fully saturated.

This seems…fine, but the thought of a string attached to my waist that’s also attached to the tampon that’s acting as plug to prevent the raging river of my menses from sullying everything I come in contact with seems ill-advised at best. What if you snag it on something? What if it stops working? What if you’re one of those people who’s really bad at checking their phone for anything and routinely ignores phone calls from your credit card company and somehow forgets to check the app because you’ve somehow forgotten that you have your period and that you’ve used a tampon from the future in order to keep it in check?

Gizmodo points out that women who have had their periods for many years and are used to always being at the ready with a ‘pon might not be the best audience for this.

It would also be useful for people new to tampons. While the US has a very robust tampon market, other parts of the world still lean more heavily on pads or sanitary napkins. There’s a lot of nervousness around the idea of shoving a wad of cotton up into your business, and having real time data piped into your phone might relieve some of those fears.

The shame around menstruation, a perfectly natural bodily process, is very real. Checking an app as easily as you would click through Snapchat to see if it’s time to change your tampon feels like a godsend for newly-bleeding teens everywhere. The product will retail for a relatively-affordable $50 for the waistband Bluetooth module at $13 for a month’s supply of tampons. Not bad, guys. Not bad at all.