Iranian Officials Believe Kim Kardashian Is Attempting To Subvert Islam

While Kim Kardashian is by no means a stranger to scandal or negative public speculation, the latest contention against her is hilarious in its severity. According to a recent report, Iranian officials are convinced that the pages of Instagram models are being used as a tool to infiltrate and subvert the modesty-based values of Islam, and Kim Kardashian is a leading conspirator.

The theories circulating around Kim Kardashian’s toxic Western influence were developed following the arrests of several Iranian models who were caught posting photos of themselves on Instagram without their hijabs. The women were arrested with charges of “promoting Western promiscuity” as part of a new operation called “Spider 2.”

The “Spider 2″ crackdown was instated by two years ago by President Hassan Rouhani to specifically target models and the fashion industry as a way to limit Western influence, in this case particularly the trend of women shedding their hijabs.

The head of the Iran Cyber Crimes Unit, Javad Babayi said:

“The purpose of Operation Spider 2, which was launched two years ago, is to monitor the use of social media by the Western imperialist powers to change the Iranian-Islamic life-style of our nation.”

You may be wondering how Kim Kardashian comes into play. Well, despite the fact that the models arrested were forced to publicly apologize and face charges as absurd as “promoting prostitution,” officials investigating the social media crimes are convinced the proliferation of hijab-shedding selfies is due to a conspiracy copiloted Instagram and selfie-ambassador Kim Kardashian.


It’s difficult to parse which is more disturbing: the fact that Kim Kardashian was considered a national threat, or the fact that officials seem unable to wrap their heads around the idea of Iranian women taking photos of their bare hair out of independent thought and personal preference. Is the idea of these women choosing to take these photos out of their own personal desires and volition that outlandish? Apparently, because Kim is obviously a sexy infiltrator hired by Instagram to pollute the Iranian youth with Western values of high-follower counts and contouring.

When told about the accusations logged against her, Kim said she was completely unaware, which makes sense as she’s been busy accepting her “Break The Internet” award. Given the fact that she just found out about the accusations and her whole brand relies on selfies, I highly doubt this will cause her to stop posting. After all, her Webby Awards acceptance speech was “Nude selfies til I die.” She’s going to keep doing what she’s doing because it works.