A Man Shot A Three Year Old Girl After Being Rejected By Her Mother

This past Sunday, a man in Memphis shot at a woman and her three year old child after the woman refused his advances.  Local authorities report that the incident occurred after the mother of the girl, who is currently in critical condition, tried to escape a confrontation with the man. Angered by her rejection, the man opened fire and shot her three year old daughter multiple times.

Local Memphis reports:

According to the police report, the girl’s mother brought the child to the apartment complex to do a woman’s hair.

The report said a man made an advance on another woman, got into an altercation, and opened fire into a car with the child and her mother inside.

“He can’t handle his rage. He can’t handle his anger,” parent Dineshia Smith said.”You know that little girl is fighting for her life right now just because a young man doesn’t know how to take rejection,” Sledge said.

While some parents in the Memphis area apparently asked questions amongst themselves about why the young girl was in the car with her mother, that seems to be the wrong thing to speculate on at this time. The fragility of the male ego and some men’s inscrutable belief that a woman’s duty is to acquiesce to their every demand is at the root of this crime, which leaves a three year old girl in the hospital.

Remember Elliot Rodgers? Women generally don’t fear men, though there are many reasons to do so, but they do  fear the retribution they might face if they make the choice to respectfully decline their advances.