5 Reasons We Can’t Wait To Watch Mariah Carey’s Reality Show

When I imagine the best celebrity candidate for a reality show, I envision someone who tempers ridiculous amounts of confidence with petty emotional outbursts. No one tuning into reality television is looking to follow the everyday activities of an adult with rational habits. That being said, it’s completely fitting that Mariah Carey has her own reality show coming out. Appropriately titled Mariah’s World the show is slated to detail the behind-the-scenes workings and drama of Mariah Carey as she navigates her Las Vegas residency and goes on a two month European tour.

I have high hopes for the trash-magic possibility of this show considering the fact that Mariah Carey’s episode of MTV Cribs involved nearly 15 outfit changes. If anyone possesses the ridiculous bravado to distract the American public from our personal problems, it’s Mariah. While the show won’t be airing until later this year, she has just gifted the world with trailer for Mariah’s World which features a glorious moment in which she refuses to remove her sunglasses because she’s under fluorescent lighting and “has a rule about that.” There’s also a bit in which she reminds the camera that no one really knows her, and while I can’t dispute that, the sentiment of “you don’t know me” is SO REALITY SHOW.

If anything, this trailer confirms that Mariah is a natural at this reality show shit.

If for some reason you don’t feel convinced, I have five (at least) more reasons we all should give this high-budget trash show a gander.

Mariah Once Randomly Brought Ice Cream On TRL Before Going To Rehab For “Exhaustion”

This is all 100% true. Back in 2001 Mariah Carey felt compelled to crash TRL with a cart of ice cream unannounced, because she felt like it. Days later she turned up in rehab for “exhaustion,” an option most of us were unaware of. If that doesn’t convince you that there will be television-worthy antics, I don’t know what will.

#DemBabies and Nick Cannon

I have no idea if #DemBabies themselves will make appearances on-screen, or if we will be gifted with any visits from her Nickelodeon star ex-lover Nick Cannon, but even the Facebook persona of the twins is enough to make me hope that there will be some familial antics.


Her Love Of HSN 

While Mariah’s love of HSN might not initially sound like the most enthralling reason to tune in, the way she somehow makes the Home Shopping Network entertaining AND finds a reason to tell the staff to chill on the cameras proves she has no chill at all. That makes for very, very entertaining television.

Mariah’s Persistent Shade Towards J-Lo

I’m personally a fan of Jennifer Lopez, but there are few Hollywood beefs more petty and entertaining than Mariah’s constant insistence that she “doesn’t know her” which is really just an extension of her penchant for drama with other female celebrities. Inconsequential fighting is exactly what reality television was created for.


Her Obsession With Butterflies, Chandeliers And Avoiding Toxic Lighting

Mariah’s hatred of fluorescent lighting (a hate I fully empathize with) was thoroughly communicated on the trailer, but her love of the Good Life and specific needs for fancy chandeliers and encrusted butterfly jewelry ensures that the show will be full of pleasing aesthetics and the sound of her yelling for someone to fetch her brooches and chalices of wine.



Really, this ridiculous distraction-filled show couldn’t come sooner.