RuPaul’s Entrance To The ‘Drag Race’ Finale Is Everything A Grand Entrance Should Be

No, she did not enter “purse first” because that would have been blatantly biased, since that is a trademark expression belonging to one of the finalists. Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is nearing its finale and it has been one of the strongest seasons in the her-story of Drag Race. RuPaul kills it on the runway on each and every episode, but here she really, really brings it. You must watch RuPaul’s entrance to the show’s grand finale because it is EVERYTHING.

Let’s be clear here, I am not the type of person to throw expressions like “it is everything” around willy-nilly. I really do mean it when I say it. I feel the same way about “dope.” I only say it when I truly mean it, so it does not lose it’s value and meaning for me.

Logo released an exclusive video of Ru’s grand entrance to get us all excited and let me tell you, it worked. Here, just watch for yourself and then be forever changed.


Fucking epic. The opening sequence brings us full circle by recreating the initial winners’ circle photo from season 8’s very first episode. I can’t stress this enough, WATCH THIS SHOW.

Logo has also generously released “best of” montages for each of the remaining three Queens to keep our interest. Again, it worked.

There’s the best of Bob The Drag Queen. #TeamBob

Then we have the artist currently known as Kim Chi. #TeamKimChi

And…hmmm…there doesn’t seem to be a “best of” out for Naomi Smalls yet, but I’m sure there’s one cooking. Kim Chi’s was released only a mere few hours ago, so those of you that are #TeamNaomi, be on the lookout!

Here, I’ve included Naomi’s campaign video from episode 7’s “Shady Politics” challenge instead. Here the girls had to create a video that simultaneously campaigned for themselves as President, while throwing some serious shade at their rival candidate.

I would honestly rather Naomi Smalls, or better RuPaul herself, to be President over any of the candidates (both current and past).

The 90-minute finale will air Monday night at 9PM on Logo.

I’m for sure tuning in to to see who Queen Ru crowns as America’s next drag superstar and even if you’re not, I’m sure some of your friends on Facebook will reveal the winner around 10:15 Monday night.

“May the best woman win!”