Miley Cyrus Is Having A Carnival Wedding But Liam Hemsworth Hasn’t Even Confirmed Their Engagement

If there’s one wedding in the world that would be worth seeing, it’s definitely Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s carnival-themed wedding. The couple was recently spotted in Australia scoping out wedding venues and sources told Us Weekly that the pop star has bouncy houses on the brain. And not just a single bouncy house, which would be enough for the average party girl — Miley is thinking about a “bunch of bouncy houses” for her possible Byron Bay shindig. It’s also reported that she wants “drugs on every table” for her big day. I can’t think of anything more terrifying than tripping at a Miley Cyrus hosted carnival — or even just around her — but everyone has to follow their hearts.

Everything about Miley is like she’s channeling a Lisa Frank binder and quite frankly, that’s just way too much stimulation. But if Miley wants a carnival, Miley will probably throw a carnival. That being said, the verdict is still as to whether Liam is about the glitter and games (because of course there should be games). Although the couple has been spotted running around together, and Miley has flashed her ring every chance she gets for the cameras, the Hunger Games star recently told TV Week Australia that he wasn’t engaged. Like, adamantly denied it.

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So that’s a little awkward, right? Hemsworth and Cyrus have been on again-off again since 2009 when they met on the set of The Last Song. They were engaged in 2012, but then called it off. Recently, though, they look pretty legitimately back together, unless Liam is just being nice about everything and simply letting her rock the ring because she likes it. I feel like saying “no” to Miley Cyrus could be a little intimidating even if you have Hemsworth-style biceps.

It’s actually kind of uncomfortable to watch Hemsworth swear that he’s not engaged as Cyrus is allegedly meeting with wedding planners. She looks like that crazy ex-girlfriend in Wayne’s World, buying gun racks for a man who doesn’t even own a gun and renting bouncy houses to celebrate her and Liam’s love, when Liam has been laid up for the past few months with a back injury. How is he supposed to enjoy the bounce house?

There’s a fine line between being hopeful that your romance is working and looking like a lunatic. But if there’s anyone who seems to be able to pull it off, it’s totally her. Bring on the party drugs and bouncy houses.