Listen To Ariana Grande’s New Collaborations With Future And Nicki Minaj

The elusive queen of adult babies Ariana Grande has been gifting fans with songs all week in preparation for the release of her album Dangerous Woman. In a move meant to properly show off the impressive collaborators at her beck and call, Ariana Grande has tracks with Future and Nicki Minaj, both of which stay well within the realms of Grande’s signature pop-vocals while adding bits of Future and Minaj’s styles.

The full album is slated to be released on Friday May 20th and between her appearance on SNL where she sang “Not A Feminist Song” with the women of SNL, her a capella release of the title track “Dangerous Woman,” and her interview and performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she has done a thorough job of hyping its release.

As any dutiful daughter would do, Grande already previewed the album to her mom a month ago to rave reviews (moms are biased but it’s still a good omen). Apparently, when Ariana first played the album for her mom, Joan Grande, she literally screamed:

“I’m not kidding –that’s the best song I’ve ever heard. Oh my god, I almost vomited. I can’t believe it.”

While moms are obviously the audience most known for their unrelenting support, the positive outburst from Joanie bodes well for Dangerous Woman as a whole. Also, I’m sure the mom-approval was an extra relief given the increased amount of profanity in this album.

The collaborations on this album don’t start and end with Nicki Minaj and Future. Grande also has a track with Macy Gray titled “Leave Me Lonely,” further adding to the theory that this album is intended to give off a more grown and sexy vibe than her first two albums.

I imagine her development process for this album involved gazing existentially out a window as she took out her binky and took a big sip of her black coffee. Releasing her hair from her constricting high ponytail, she saw a trail of leaves in the wind and understood that it was time to let the world know she is now grown and can perform beyond the narrow path of baby-queen pop icon. She then set down her coffee and made some calls to Future, Nicki Minaj, and Macy Gray, to much success.

Whether my vision is right or wrong, you can sample below her new tracks with Nicki Minaj and Future and see if they will earn inclusion in your summer jams.

Dangerous Woman is out May 20th but if you want to hear most of the album, old girl’s released like, half the album on Spotify.