Amy Schumer Sketch About Shopping As A Regular Woman Shows The Stark Stress Of Finding Your Size

There are times when the frustrating circumstances of our everyday errands can start to feel like a nightmarish and cinematic journey of their own. This feeling applies all too often to the experience of finding the right size when you’re clothes shopping. In one of her latest sketches, Amy Schumer goes on a very special shopping trip and soon finds herself in what could be considered a warmer, lonelier version of Narnia. Or in less romantic terms, a grassy field that has a stockpile of firewood, a very lost Lena Dunham, and a cow shopping for a dress for her daughter’s bat mitzvah. You know, a wasteland where any clothing bigger than a size 0 goes to die.

The sketch itself starts with a shot of Schumer inspecting a doll-sized shirt in a department store before she approaches a sales clerk for assistance. Perfectly cast for the role, the sales clerk embodies the stereotype of a slender and immaculately groomed woman who acts as a body-shaming Mean Girlquickly letting Schumer know her size isn’t carried.

After demoralizing herself by slouching under a table of clothing searching for her size and only to finding even tinier shirts, Schumer is instructed to speak quieter because she’s “scaring the thinner customers” before being led to the section where the “rest of the clothes” are kept: an empty field where she finds Lena Dunham, who has been searching for clothing for months.

This sketch does a great job of moving beyond the mere observation that shopping is hard for women and moves instead into the setting of a fantasy where you forget the sketch is about shopping in the first place, because where even are you anymore?! This is exactly the kind of subtle despair that can settle on you when you’re a human-sized woman desperately trying to find clothes that actually fit you. Having a clerk curtly tell you there’s nothing for you while your depression compounds under fluorescent lights is its own existential crisis and it’s something we go through every day. What I’m saying is, the visuals Schumer used for this sketch did a scarily accurate job of showing what it emotionally feels like to go shopping.

I’m an automatic fan of comedic sketches that run the skew towards the fantastical and play with magical realism. Using a fictional land is a great tool for making humor about subjects that can otherwise come off as heavy-handed or preachy.

Her stroll into the abyss of shopping while normal strikes a refreshing tone that is playful and silly while still raising good points about how body-shaming is rampant in the shopping experience.