Bernie Sanders Just Crashed These Students’ Pre-Prom

So, a few lucky John Hardin High School students got a pleasant surprise on Saturday: Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders crashed their pre-prom, took photos with some of the couples, and even opened up a little about his own prom to ABC News.

All of the students thanked Sanders for “adding a special touch to their big day,” according to ABC. Sanders’ appearance was probably all the more special to the bunch of high school seniors because, for the most part, when asked if they identified as “Bernie fans,” they seemed to nod their heads with notable enthusiasm.

One girl went as far as to proclaim that theirs was officially the “best prom ever,” and I’m inclined to think she’s not wrong. The numbers don’t exactly indicate that they’ll be able to tell their future children the President of the United States once greeted them at their prom, but they can proudly say the world’s most adorable progressive icon did, so there’s that.

And for all the amazing selfies millennial Berners have taken, how many people get to take pictures with the Democratic-socialist while looking this fabulous?

As for his own prom, the Vermont senator claims to remember it “poorly.” (Give the guy a break, it was close to 60 years ago.) But at any rate, he jokingly (or, at least I really, really hope he was joking) told ABC News he has mostly “bad memories” of this most important high school experience.

Sanders has been campaigning in the state of Kentucky preparing for its primary this Tuesday. He’s consistently been doing great with millennials, with a strong majority of Democrats under 30 years old rallying behind him. So, while Hillary Clinton’s platform is probably a sneak peek at the next four to eight years, his platform is arguably a sneak peek at the overall future of the party.

Millennials might take heat from their elders for “naively” supporting Sanders’ ambitious, progressive agenda, but given the society we’ve had to grow up in, for a lot of valid reasons free public college, universal healthcare, demilitarization, and Democratic-socialism understandably appear to be the best past forward.

And, at any rate, if his platform isn’t enough to appeal to Kentucky’s young voters this Tuesday, maybe having shown up to their prom will do the trick.