This Mom Adorably Turned Her Son’s Scar Into A ‘Harry Potter’ Scar

Being a kid is terrifying and full of embarrassing experiences that render you a tiny weeping human. You don’t know how to use your body yet (not that adults do either), and you’re constantly being bossed around by pesky adults who just don’t understand. Luckily, there are good moms that exist in the world who help guide and comfort you through the trials and tribulations. This mom that made her son’s scar into a Harry Potter mark is one of those unsung heroes.

When the imgur user mommybrittaney found her little son had scraped up his forehead from hitting his head on the edge of his frame, she decided to dry his tears by making his scratch into a sign of wizard-status.

She shared posted a photo of the transformation of her boy from sad to happy on Imgur, saying:

“He cut his head because I was doing laundry, and he decided the pile of clothes in his room looked too fun for him not to jump on. So he jumped and slipped and hit his head on the edge of the bed frame. He was so embarrassed about his scratch and didn’t want to leave the house and be seen with it.”

Possessing the empathy and knowledge necessary to handle her son’s emotional drama, the mom reminded the kid of Harry Potter’s iconic scar and offered to turn his cut into a sign of chosen wizardry. Naturally, the boy said yes and found himself quickly cheered up with his new-found knowledge of magic.

CREDIT: Imgur/MommyBrittaney

As you can see, he was very emotionally distraught after hitting his head on the bed. This is just a harbinger of the various ways life will cause us pain, kid. Buckle up.

CREDIT: Imgur/MommyBrittaney

Here is our small protagonist looking sad, but slightly more hopeful. He’s aware that he can get through this emotional pain by adopting and fully embracing his new identity as a wizard.

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CREDIT: Imgur/MommyBrittaney

Our young wizard is now mid-scar, likely infused with a fresh power. Will he also acquire a ginger-headed best friend?! Will his life be blessed with a Hermione?! Only time will tell.

CREDIT: Imgur/MommyBrittaney

Here sits a hero we can all relate to: a small, vulnerable wizard who is fully in touch with the disappointment and humiliation that so many of us Muggles deal with. He’s made it through the notable struggle of slipping and falling after failing to jump in the laundry and now he’s ready to unleash his magic on the world.