Megyn Kelly Admits Cable News Is Bullshit, Shocks Everyone With This Brand New Information

More often than not, the people most qualified to point out hypocrisy and bullshit are the ones implicated in it. This directly applies to last night’s show on Fox News during which Megyn Kelly said that cable news is bullshit. The conversation spiraled out of a discussion concerning the Washington Post’s plan to publish a book on Trump, a plan announced earlier this week. The book is slated to detail Trump’s background (as researched by multiple reporters) largely focusing on the spectacle of his run for Presidency; it will be released August 23rd.

Unsurprisingly, this breaking piece of information has many people on the Right up in arms, with some saying it’s a conspiracy by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in order to skirt anti-trust laws. Last night’s episode of the The Kelly File touched on the issue of The Washington Post’s obsession with Trump, but slowly branched out into a larger discussion about the obsessive fluff constantly present in mainstream cable news.

Kelly and her panel of guests, Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire Ben Shapiro, and radio host Dana Loesch, quickly launched into a criticism of CNN’s obsession with Donald Trump and the play-by-play coverage they provided during his recent meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“The countdown on MSNBC, they had a countdown clock,” Megyn Kelly said, rolling her eyes in obvious disapproval. As more CNN footage appeared on the screen she went on with her criticisms, continuing:

“Look, look CNN with a shot of Trump’s plane. Wolf Blitzer was walking us through the plane’s progress on the tarmac.”

Dana Loesch quickly joined in the mockery, saying: “I was shocked they didn’t have a hologram. That’s the next thing that comes, right?”

During their meta-commentary, the MSNBC headline “Breaking News: Trump Gives Thumbs Up Heading Into Meeting”  popped up on the screen, to which Kelly quickly remarked, “You would have thought it was the second coming.”

While their commentary on the often petty state of news certainly isn’t wrong (and there’s another meta component reporting it here), the hypocrisy of listening to Fox News correspondents lament the state of journalism is not lost on many, even the correspondents themselves.

After they made clear their obvious distaste for the obsessive and trivial journalistic tendencies displayed on most cable news stations, Megyn Kelly acknowledged the complicity of Fox News saying:

“I do want to say, it wasn’t just the other networks. We also had an eight-box up at some point. And in MSNBC’s defense, there was a day here at Fox News when was I was a cub reporter in the D.C. Bureau when I saw the following: Fox News Alert: The White House Christmas Tree Has Arrived at the White House. None of us has perfectly clean hands.”

Well, there you go. Even those on the inside realize the common absurdity of cable news.