Julia Roberts Went Barefoot at Cannes Because She’s Julia Roberts & Does What She Wants

When you’re a super famous movie star, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want. Exhibit A: Instead of bothering with heels, Julia Roberts went barefoot on the Cannes red carpet and acted like it was just no big deal. But it is a big deal, because shoes are usually required, especially at Cannes, where high heels are the price of admission into the festival. But not for Julia. No goddamn one is going to make Julia Roberts wear shoes, let alone heels, if she doesn’t feel like it and I can’t tell if that’s totally ridiculous or if I’m sort of jealous that she can just walk around with no shoes and act like it’s normal.

Because it is a tad eccentric, even though I totally understand the instinct to go without shoes. Shoes are bullshit. We all know that. Also, it was the Cannes red carpet. There probably isn’t a cleaner, more elegant place to walk around barefoot. Plus, if you’re Julia Roberts, you aren’t really walking on the red carpet, but floating, nay gliding, just above it; glowing even. But it might not just have been about looking as angelic and free as she could. After last year’s #flatgate scandal at the film festival, this might have been a political move. Julia is so Julia sometimes.


CREDIT: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Last year, celebs were up in arms about the festival’s stuffy rules about footwear. Apparently, women rocking even the fanciest flats were being turned away from the venue. But you would think that showing up barefoot is even more unseemly than bedazzled ballet flats, right? It looks like denying Julia Roberts entry to the red carpet is simply something one does not do. Because, in case you missed it (and she’ll generally be sure you don’t), she’s Julia Roberts. (Rumor has it that she wore heels to get through security and then took them off for a photo opp, though.)This isn’t the first time that the star has gone without shoes. For her 1993 spur of the moment wedding to Lyle Lovett, Roberts also went barefoot. At the time People magazine wrote that “friends immediately recognized” the move as the “most Julia-esque fashion fillip.”

A French magazine called Thursday’s red carpet look an act of “militant feminism,” which is…a hell of a lot of credit for this move, but OK, if you want, I guess. Either way, it’s sort of a win-win: Roberts got to be comfortable and make a statement about the silly, gendered dress code. Because she’s Julia Roberts.

Roberts was at the festival promoting her new film with George Clooney (who also can do whatever he wants), Money Monster, which received a standing ovation after it screened. No word on whether or not the audience members took off their shoes before standing and applauding.