This ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Wedding Will Restore Your Faith In Themed Weddings

However you personally feel about marriage or Harry Potter, you’ve got to admit that this combination of the two is truly romantic. The Daily Mail covered the $65,000 wedding between two hardcore Harry Potter fans, and the photos lead me to believe that if the love they have for each other is half as strong as that love they have for Harry Potter, they’re gonna make it.

Texas couple Stephanie Dodd, 26, and Samuel Goetsch, 25, spent a year and a half planning their big day, which I feel is pretty standard for most weddings. However, this was unlike most weddings.

You might be skeptical at this point, thinking that the wedding was probably a bit tacky or childish, decked out with some paper Harry Potter decor purchased from Party City. Allow me to reassure that this is not the case.

The couple walked down an aisle made up of pages from the beloved books, and the John Williams soundtrack for the films played as guests entered.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography/Kat Creech Events

See what I mean? Looks gorgeous! The whole operation was the bride’s idea, according to The Daily Mail

‘I was 10 years old when I started reading the novels and they helped me through a really difficult year of school when my best friend moved away.”

The couple have been together for five years, and were more than pleased with how everything turned out. The groom elaborated,

“We had 100 guests at the wedding and the majority of them didn’t know Harry Potter very well, but it didn’t stop them from enjoying the day at all…They all thought it was just really beautiful and unique and loved all the little details.”

If you are a Potter fan in any capacity, brace yourself for these upcoming images. Each and every detail is so fucking clever, you’re going to wish you had thought of it first.

The reception was held in “The Great Hall,” complete with magically floating candles.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography/Kat Creech Events

The seating plan was placed within a Quidditch goal post.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography/Kat Creech Events

They even had an owl deliver the rings.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography/Kat Creech Events

This obviously stole the show.

Dodd admits,

“People were approaching me throughout the day and I was expecting a compliment on my dress or something, but instead they just wanted to know more about the owl, which was really funny.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography/Kat Creech Events

Although the owl is pretty amazing, I think the ‘House Crest’ that they designed may just be the best detail of them all.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography/Kat Creech Events

The crest features a fox and owl to represent both Stephanie and Samuel’s patronus, which is essentially your true spirit animal in the books.

“Stephanie said: ‘The crest also includes a momiji tree to pay homage to Japan, Sam’s birthplace, and a large S in the middle for our first names’.”

CREDIT: Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography/Kat Creech Events

This wedding has not only reinstated my faith in marriage, but it’s reinstated my faith in themed weddings that aren’t super corny and cliché. I think we should start getting this creative and clever with divorce parties too.