When Is ‘Clueless The Musical’ Happening? Amy Heckerling Finally Gives An Update

Soon, it won’t be completely devastating when you can’t get tickets for Hamilton, because Clueless The Musical will be an option. Ever since they initially announced the stage adaptation back in 2012, we’ve been totally buggin’, desperate for more info. Finally, Amy Heckerling, the genius Betty behind the 1995 film, has given us some more details on the upcoming Clueless musical.

Heckerling recently admitted to Vulture that this has been a sloth-like process.

“I’ve been working on the Clueless musical, but it’s going so slowly that it’s making me insane. I would kill myself if this was the only thing I was doing. The pace is making me crazy.”

We’re right there with you Amy. In another interview with MTV,  she at least gives us some details on the structure of the show to hold us over.

“It’s a jukebox musical. It’s as if the ‘90s was one year, and we’re taking songs from the ‘90s and playing with the lyrics to make them tell the story. We just had a sing-through/read-through the other day, and it went really well. They’re just wonderful young actors.”

Who are these actors though?

“Well, they’re all young people. At this [recent] reading, we had the boy from Heathers [Dave Thomas Brown] and the girl from Bring It On [Taylor Louderman], and they were wonderful. At the last reading, we had Wally [Wallace] Shawn playing himself, the teacher [from the film version].”

Fingers crossed that Wally Shawn agrees to do it! Loved his work in the  Toy Story films as the voice of Rex.


OK, so we’ve got a few more details, but when is this happening? Heckerling gives a vague response leading me to believe that she has no idea.

“It’s Broadway [laughs]. The studios have been completely 100 percent dotting i’s and [crossing] t’s — that’s an expression nobody uses anymore, because nobody writes — but nobody wants to start renting stages yet, because nobody likes to spend money until there’s no way anything could go wrong. But the producers did Jersey Boys and Urinetown — they’re very big, mega-successful musicals.”

I’m sure if Heckerling and crew pulled a Zach Braff and made a Kickstarter for stage rental fees, they’d have the money in a matter of hours.

The entire MTV interview is definitely worth a read. Heckerling addresses being one of few female directors in the game, Stacey Dash, and assures that there will never be a Clueless sequel.

“I wouldn’t want to mess with what [Clueless] was. You know, Clueless Goes to College … no. The story is told.”

True that. Looking forward to eventually seeing that story told on stage, while accompanied by my favorite ’90s hits.