Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Had A Baby — Again! And We Had No Idea — Again!

Well, these sneaky bastards. According to increasingly on-their-game news outlet (I’m doing it, I’m calling them that; they’ve earned it) TMZ, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had another baby back on April 29. Yeah, that’s not a typo: Two very famous people had a baby and kept that shit under wraps not only for the duration of Mendes’ entire pregnancy, but for a solid 10 days of that tiny human’s life.

According to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ, the exceedingly attractive pair of talented people popped out a baby, assigned it the label of “female,” and named it Amada Lee Gosling. They already have a kid named Esmerelda Amada…so…I guess they’re big fans of Eva’s grandma, Amada. Whatever! Yolo, guys. Name your babies what you want.

It appears that the couple were able to keep the pregnancy a secret the old fashioned way: Laying low, assuming we’d be too distracted by celebrities who are very public about their pregnancies (way to be team players, Kardashian-West family) to notice what their low-key asses were cooking up, and carrying very large purses.

Here’s Eva recently wandering around…somewhere, carrying one of the aforementioned Very Large Purses (is there anything VLPs can’t do?):

The birth certificate was apparently signed on May 3, annnnnd…yeah, I feel like that’s being invasive into these people’s lives for one day.

Good for Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes! I’m incredibly unbothered by these two people, and I’m happy that they are evidently pulling a George Foreman with their growing family. Way to procreate, guys!