Radiohead’s New Album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ Is Finally Here

Die hard Radiohead fans can now rest easy, for their band has at last released their highly anticipated new album [which they also just released the name of] called A Moon Shaped Pool. And also have returned to the internet after doing a disappearing act as part of their publicity stunt. Fans have been waiting since April when rumors started circulating about the album and what it would be called.


Their vanishing act from the internet as some stunt really worked to create buzz. Going black allowed the rest of us online to fret over what the hell they were doing, thus increasing hype and excitement for this project. In addition to disappearing, they also sent out physical flyers to random people in the mail. I know, right? WTF. Then, on top of all of this madness, earlier today, the record was available via Google Play, but was pulled down shortly after being spotted by a bunch of fans and the media.

The album is now available on a separate fully dedicated website for your listening pleasure. And yes, “Burn The Witch” (written in 1999!) is the first song. Talk about playing a waiting game!


Thom Yorke, you’re crazy and infuriating but we love you all the same. Let us know what you think of the album in the comments!