Dana Carvey’s ‘Church Lady’ Returns To ‘SNL’ To Make Fun Of Ted Cruz And Trump

Last night’s viewers of SNL got to enjoy a little vintage throwback when Dana Carvey came on set to revive the beloved Church Lady character who was ready to mock the hell out of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Carvey joined special celeb host Brie Larson for a fun evening of mocking (Larson played a mean Heidi Cruz). Dana Carvey’s run on SNL and his Church Lady sketch originally took place between 1986 to 1993, a full run through the Reagan presidency and then into the beginning of the first Clinton presidency.

Yes it IS special. She was resurrected to mock all of the Met Ball attendees, and had some “Church Chat” with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, calling Cruz “Satan” himself. Well we all agree with that. She also asks him: “Was it God’s plan for you to be humiliated by an orange mannequin? That’s sort of an odd plan for God to have for you.”


Carvey’s return to the NBC sketch show was not just for shits and giggles however, part of it was to promote his upcoming stint as a judge/mentor on USA’s new show ‘First Impressions’, a show about budding comedians who specialize in doing impressions.

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