Trump Attempts To Slam Elizabeth Warren But She Is Having None Of That

Earlier this week, beloved Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter to elucidate for us just how toxic a Donald Trump president would be and essentially declaring her vow to ensure that he never gets to the White House in the first place. (I am feeling some Cersei Lannister realness here big time, but like not in an evil way, just the kick-ass way).

Three days later comes Trump, full of venom, ready to pounce during a rally at the Lane Events Convention Center in Eugene Oregon. The bombastic Republican presidential nom fired back at Warren calling her “goofy” for some reason?

Ah yes, a perfect come back using one of his favorite techniques: complete cultural ignorance and appropriation!

A second one quickly followed, where he manages to be even more culturally insensitive and insane. I mean, none of us are that shocked or surprised anymore but it’s still jarring when the shit keeps coming:

(Never forget)


Do not despair though! For Liz War is armed and ready with perfect retorts. Here is the string:

Can we say yas queen here or is that gauche?


Keep fighting for us Lizzy, you are doing Goddess’s work.