These Action Figures Show How Sucky It Still Is For Most Women In The Workplace

Women and minorities are still making about three-quarters of what white men make and it’s pretty much bs at this point. What can we do about this damn glass ceiling anyway? The numbers have been getting slightly more equitable than a few years ago but it’s still not good. On top of pay inequality, studies show that sexual harassment and gender discrimination are still a problem, and women still get overlooked when it comes to promotions and rising up the ladder.

Folks still cannot comprehend what it all means though (*cough MEN cough*) so let’s take a look at this trusty animated film to have it spelled out in very simplistic form shall we? The video was produced by Wired and is a fun way to learn some hard facts about injustice. If only everything was this easy.

Think of it this way too: the average woman could buy 83 weeks of food, or nearly a year’s worth of rent with the extra $10,700 per year if she had the same salary that men do. That’s food to feed their families and themselves, don’t forget. We’re not just trying to score more goddamn donuts to eat in bed.

This is definitely something to think about more while our election is underway. Do you think Hillary will come through for us?

Just give us the cash, companies. And please put better practices in place when it comes to sexual harassment and gender discrimination! We’re tired.