Aaron Paul: “I Stole Every Prop I Could” From ‘Breaking Bad’ Set — Including This Extra Disgusting One

After appearing on Late Night with Seth Myers earlier this week, we learned that Aaron Paul stole props from Breaking Bad — like, a lot of props. Among the bounty he made away with: Gus’ blown-up face. During Paul’s appearance on Late Night, Still Jesse Pinkman To Me explained how he keeps the mask hanging out in his house to freak out his friends:

“I have that head in my media room … Right away [people] don’t see it when they walk downstairs, but, then, you can tell when they see it. They’re just like ‘Oh, shit!'”

Just in case the visual of (stupid, totally glad he’s dead) Gus’ half-blown-off face isn’t permanently burned into your memory whether you like it or not, Paul gave us a brutal refresher on his Instagram account:

I know that Breaking Bad ended a long time ago, but my gratitude for the endless gift that is Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston on social media has not waned. I mean, this is a social media world where we all have to live with the fact that Kim Kardashian doesn’t know what “vibes” means but still insists on tweeting it all the goddamn time, so when we are blessed with celebrities whose social media presence is so thoroughly likable that you can’t help but believe the beautiful dream that it might not be a carefully curated brand and that, for once, all the glittery, shiny famous-person perks might have been bestowed on a legit Nice Person. (I’m trying to think of an example beyond Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and Chrissy Teigen, but I can’t. They might very well be the beginning and end of this conversation.)

#TBT To a time that feels like only yesterday but also feels like a lifetime away. My god how time flies. Having a new show premier last night got me thinking about the show that changed everything for me. Not only was I working on a show that would change the face of television but I was also working with people that would change me entirely. To quote the man himself “Drink that bottle of wine. Burn that special candle. You don’t know how long you will be here so you might as well enjoy the things that you have.” Bryan my beautiful friend…thank you for your wise words and thank you for your friendship. I have learned so much from you my friend. Hugs and kisses all over that beautiful face of yours. Until the next one.💣🔫💊🍗✈️⚖☠🚬⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗⚗💎

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Anyway! The point is, Aaron Paul doesn’t seem like a dick on social media, and that makes me happy because, let’s be honest, he totally looks like someone who should be an asshole. But it doesn’t appear that he is. He routinely alludes to a presh-to-death friendship with former Breaking Bad co-star Bryan Cranston

CREDIT: Aaron Paul/Twitter

Paul is also always supportive of his wife, and seems to generally not give a fuck but still doesn’t say anything horrible, which is a pretty clear sign that his soul isn’t filled with maggots (like, say, other famous people on social media who similarly have no fucks to give but say all manner of nauseatingly offensive things). All of which is to say, if anyone deserves to make people VERY UPSET AND NOT HAPPY with a very gross mask, it’s probably him.