Tom Brady Just Out Tom Brady-ed Himself By Selling His Cookbook For $200

You’re probably not able to afford a personal chef like Tom Brady, and you also probably can’t even afford Tom Brady’s $200 cookbook. I know I certainly can’t. It’s well-known that he and wife Gisele Bündchen have their own personal chef who travels with them and prepares meals fit for their ridiculously elaborate diets, but now you can make some of his favorite meals at home if you have $200 to drop, plus the cost of ingredients.

Celebrity cookbooks like Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Good — aka, it’s all good when you’re super rich and famous — are so silly. They are books “written” by celebrities who only know a lavish, expensive lifestyle and are often unable to relate how the rest of the world actually shops and eats. I have a friend who purchased her book but wasn’t able to accurately make a single meal from it because Paltrow’s ingredients were way beyond her monthly grocery budget.

But of all the insane celebrity cookbooks, Tom Brady’s TB12’s Nutrition Manual has to be the most pretentious of them all. Here’s the description of the product straight from TB’s site:

“TB12 Nutrition Manual is a limited-edition “living document” containing information about our core TB12 nutritional philosophies and featuring a library of 89 seasonally-inspired recipes that you can use to support your TB12-aligned nutrition plan.

The TB12 Nutrition Manual is designed to be modified and expanded over time using its unique screw post binding: as we periodically update this manual with new or modified recipes, we will send additional pages to all purchasers of the manual.The manual is printed and hand assembled in the United States, and is printed on thick 100 pound text paper. The covers are made from natural wood with a laser-etched TB12 logo and title. “

This “living document” that is described is basically a binder feature. You’ll be able to add and subtract recipes as they come out in the same way that you can add the expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity to your collection, only it is not any fun at all.

The natural wood cover seems so unnecessarily extravagant because it is. In a time where you can access countless healthy recipes online without wasting any paper, Brady is essentially sandwiching recipes and nutritious facts in the center of the remaining tree stump in The Giving Tree.


And get this: These are actually selling. Well, according to the site they are.

“The initial printing of the Nutrition Manual has SOLD OUT. Paid pre-orders placed by May 7 will ship in early June.”

I’m hoping there were only a handful of books in the “initial printing” and that this is mostly a marketing ploy to make this bullshit seem “in demand.”