Radiohead Announces New Album, Drops Video For “Daydreaming” Directed By Paul Thomas Anderson

Well, that answers that question. Radiohead just announced a new album and released a video for a new song “Daydreaming.” The video for the song from their upcoming 9th studio album — which drops digitally May 8, in case your mom is hot for Thom Yorke — was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Anderson has collaborated with the band’s guitarist, known-genius Jonny Greenwood, who previously scored Anderson-directed films Inherent Vice and There Will Be Blood. And now, there will be new Radiohead music (I’m not sorry).

The “surprise” announcement comes just days after Radiohead pulled the ultimate “I’m quitting social media! Pay attention to me!” stunt queen move when they deleted their entire online presence — the band’s social media profiles and their website were wiped clean. It certainly seemed like a vaguely ominous, silent “watch this space” situation, and with the announcement of the as-yet-untitled forthcoming album, we now know why they wanted our attention. That move made slightly more sense when Radiohead released “Burn The Witch,” a single presumably also from the upcoming album. “Daydreaming” makes two.

Here’s the new video, which makes a nice thing to watch while you spend six minutes and 26 seconds feeling grateful that the erasing of Radiohead’s online properties didn’t mean they were breaking up.

I can’t speak for all moms, but I can’t wait to spend this Sunday getting breakfast-in-bed drunk on mimosas and listening to the dulcet sounds of existential contemplation of Radiohead’s new album. (I’m only kind of kidding. I’ve had worse Sundays. Shit, I’ve had similar Sundays. Let’s do this.)