Amy Schumer’s “Closer To You” Music Video Parody Is Such An Accurate Depiction Of Obsessive Relationships

We’ve all seen this happen: Your friend becomes a huge sports fan out of nowhere because her boyfriend turned her onto it. Suddenly she’s on a new protein diet and is always seen lounging around in his shirts with leggings. You know the type. Amy Schumer’s new sketch about an obsessive relationship is so on point.

Schumer has garnered both support and criticism recently over her response to being harassed by a fan asking her for a photo while she was out just living life. While some people allege that Schumer overreacted to the exchange — publicly declaring that she wouldn’t take photos with fans anymore, although even that declaration was later tempered — I think it’s totally understandable that she did. Celebrities are expected to perform perfectly, even in their everyday lives, and are ridiculed harshly if they slip up. It’s a lot of pressure and expectation; it’s all very grey. I don’t feel a great deal of sympathy when a celebrity is called out on their bullshit, because at the end of the day, they’re famous. They chose the spotlight in one way or the other, and they have piles and piles of money. However, this expectation for them to be perfect and perpetually accessible is unreasonable and cruel.

Schumer is far from perfect. That’s what makes her to relatable and a keen observer. She knows her shortcomings and creates comedy by admitting them and exploring the root of her insecurities and opinions. She is brutally honest. She is a good comedian.

Here she is showing off her comedic chops with a music video for “Closer to You,” a pop anthem depicting when getting close to someone becomes getting too close to someone.

My favorite line has got to be “shove handfuls of Creatine down my throat so we can weigh the same.” The entire song is utterly hilarious and super catchy — a perfect parody. Kudos to whomever is helping with the music side of the show and to her editors. Same goes for her monster viral hit “Milk Milk Lemonade” featuring Amber Rose.



Oh, and then there was the One Direction parody from Inside Amy Schumer which got tremendous recognition, as it damn well should have.

I’m hoping that she keeps these music video parodies coming, because so far they’ve all been fan-fucking-tastic.