Adele Let A Guy Propose Onstage To His Boyfriend, And Offered To Be Their Surrogate

In a very cool move that goes above and beyond most fan interactions, Adele invited a couple to get engaged onstage during her show on Tuesday in Copenhagen. The young 18-year-old Andre Soderberg proposed to his now-fiancé, 20-year-old Simon Carlsson, with a plastic ring during Adele’s concert. As onlookers reacted with the typical “awws” of excitement, Adele took notice and immediately invited the couple to come on the stage to share their newly sealed love with the world.

As you can imagine, the crowd thoroughly appreciated the nature of this tender moment and Adele’s readiness to welcome her love-struck fans on stage. As skilled in the art of charm as she is at singing, Adele humorously amped up the emotional moment when she jokingly offered to be the couple’s surrogate. Although I suspect they won’t take up her offer (or maybe they will; hell, she can be my surrogate), can you imagine the potential of that scenario?! I picture Adele continuing to tour the world with a growing baby bump dedicated to Andre and Simon, her glow multiplied and her fans even more rabidly obsessed with her. Would the baby inherit her singing voice, thus giving the young men a tiny, musical legend to raise? OK, I need to pull myself out of this fantasy.


As you can see in the video below – the crowd went crazy for the moment of love.

While this moment undeniably stood out for all those lucky enough to see it, it’s not the first and likely won’t be the last engagement at an Adele concert. Back in March, a couple got engaged at one of her concerts while she performed the song “Make You Feel My Love,” you know, to really hammer in the romance. The young Johnny Biggie proposed to his girlfriend Natalie King and much like Tuesday, once Adele noticed the moment, she invited them on stage to share their joy.

But wait, there’s more! In March, Adele also helped a woman propose to her boyfriend in Belfast at a concert, and he said yes! Adele: constantly making people throw themselves into the terrifying confines of marriage.