This Teen Went To Prom With A Cardboard Cutout Of Bernie Sanders

Prom is a big deal for most teenagers. For high school social events in general, the less you take it seriously, the more fun you’re likely to have. Teen hero Chloe Raynaud didn’t have a date for prom and so she went to prom with a cutout of Bernie Sanders. Her pictures have since gone viral and this is the best kind of way to go viral in my opinion.

Not only is a cardboard cutout date already hilarious, but her choice of celebrity shows a lot of maturity and a strong sense of self for someone so young. There are countless movies about how everyone is trying to “be cool” in high school, and that’s how it often is in real life. We live in a world where promposals are an actual thing. Not having a date for prom is typically “uncool.” Bringing a cut out of your favorite politician instead? The coolest. I didn’t even think they made cutouts of Bernie, but they sure do.

While some young girls might be devastated by the fact that they don’t have a date, Raynaud turned a sad circumstance around and made a joke of it. She might have been defeated by this stupid social expectation to have a date and not go at all, but here I am writing about this girl’s idea. It’s brilliant.

Ugh, they look great! In an interview with RevelistChloe explained,

“During the slow dance I brought him out to dance with him and everyone started laughing…then my friends made him crowd surf.”

Hilarious. I respect that she brought Bernie over some “heartthrob” celebrity like Bieber. (Youths are still into Bieber, right? *steadies self on cane*)

Bernie Sanders reportedly never attended his own prom, according to Cosmopolitan. I can see someone as driven as Bernie to not make time for dances and other social events, but I’m sure he’d get a kick out of  seeing these pics. Anyone would.

I actually missed my own prom to perform a scene in a theatre competition. Sex and dating weren’t big priorities for me. I had work to do. I don’t regret not going at all, and I’m sure Chloe doesn’t regret her decision one bit. My guess is she’s going to pursue politics in college. I personally think that she also dabble with comedy too.