The Woman Who Made the Trump Micropenis Painting Was Assaulted By A Trump Supporter

Throughout this election year, one thing has been clear: Trump supporters have a disturbing penchant for violence is very real and any fear surrounding their wrath is warranted. For the LA-based artist Illma Gore this fear became a traumatizing reality when she was attacked by a Trump supporter over the weekend.

Illma Gore became internet famous when she made a viral painting of Donald Trump with a micropenis appropriately titled “Make America Great Again.” The painting was originally shared in a private feminist Facebook group, and Gore was briefly banned from Facebook for the nudity in the painting. When she returned to Facebook she reposted the portrait of Donald’s micropenis and it quickly became viral.

Because of the nature of internet trolls and Trump supporters in particular, Gore was vaguely aware that there were angry Trump-lovers who disliked her artwork and had a basic notion of who she was. It was, however, a complete shock when Gore returned from a trip to London only to be immediately assaulted by a Trump supporter.

The attacker was parked down the street from her house when he rushed down the street and punched Gore while yelling “Trump 2016,” before driving off in his car laughing. Unsure how he procured her address, Gore speculated that he likely somehow found her information through Facebook which is horrifying as hell.

She expressed her shock and sadness in a post on Instagram:

Today I was punched in the face by a man who got out of his car and yelled, “Trump 2016!” in Los Angeles, just days after I returned home from London just down the road from my house. Though I encourage passion, opinion and emotion, especially though art, I think violence is disgusting. To live in a place where Facebook has given my address to an anonymous third party makes me feel like I am homeless again. This type of violence makes creatives feel like we live in a world where our individual creative input isn’t safe. I am sad that this is the state of our America right now. I am sad that Trump, and many of his supporters, don’t find words enough to express their opinions – they need walls, waterboarding and punches.”

Hopefully she has some friends she can crash with until she feels safer in her house or at least a pit bull to release on any potential intruders. Nobody should feel a constant sense of terror in their own home.

The Instagram post reveals her black eye and garnered concern and solidarity from her friends, fans and followers. Also, anyone who’s not a monster.

The attackers are still at large, but Gore has filed a police report and people are on alert.