That Big ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Six Jon Snow Secret: Here’s How They Kept It

Last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones revealed what legions of Jon Snow fans (Snow-heads? Snow-aholics? Snowblowers?) had been wondering for at least a full calendar year: was Jon Snow actually dead? The answer, as we now know, is no, not really. In a beautiful act of either kismet or George R.R. Martin, the fan theories about Jon Snow’s aliveness finally paid off. He is alive-ish! He has risen! Melisandre and her statement necklace whispered some incantations, threw some locks of hair into the fire and bounced, leaving a naked-but-for-a-loincloth Jon Snow alone to wake up.

So: how on earth did they keep that secret? What kind of magic was necessary to keep every single person silent and for so long? Entertainment Weekly finally unleashed their Jon Snow cover – something they must have been sitting on for quite some time – and included this little bit of discussion about the insane levels of secrecy involved to keep this VERY CRUCIAL plot point under wraps.

According to EW, Kit Harrington worked his ass off last year filming while also keeping his mouth shut and lying to everyone about whether or not he was alive. Now we know he is alive; he’s very alive; he’s sort of alive? His eyes are open. That’s what counts.  In order to maintain secrecy, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss kept every mention of “Jon Snow” out of scripts, call sheets and prop lists, referring to him as “Lord Commander” or “LC.” I imagine there was probably also a Lemonade-style NDA that threatened bodily harm and the kidnapping of a first born. That’s how those things work, right?

The cast took to calling Harrington “LC” for short. That fun fact begat this fun fact, below.

The nickname inspired some ribbing among the cast. While shooting his resurrection scene, Harington had to lay naked on a table while Carice van Houten (Melisandre) washed him repeatedly. So the actress decided to give Harington a new “LC”-based nomenclature (it’s not something we can print, but feel free to guess).

A guessing game, EW? I rise to accept your challenge! After careful consideration, we submit “long cock” as the only thing that LC could possibly stand for that EW, a family magazine, couldn’t print. In a video shot for the cover, Harrington tells us that season six is “massive,” much like his…right. Nope. He didn’t say that. I did!

Anyway, thank god this show is back, let’s go find that other dragon and did anyone else notice Cersei has the same hair as both her son and her brother-lover? That’s the attention to detail I like to see.