10 Of The Best Memes and Moments From The Met Gala

Last night’s 40th annual Met Gala was themed Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology, which could also be interpreted as “What Is That Dress: A-list Celebrities Wearing Straps Of Designer Tinsel.”  All the pictures taken at the event show an evening full of drinks, networking, and stars awkwardly adjusting their outfits while Twitter made memes roasting all of them.

This year’s technology theme was responsible for some questionable sartorial choices with Kimye looking like a full-on pair of demon possessed wax dolls, and Beyonce fulfilling her Lemonade prophecy of wearing Becky’s skin, not to mention the comparisons between Lupita Nyongo’s ensemble and a Dr. Seuss character. Needless to say, it was an incredible night for the large sections of internet that love roasting celebrities, and an embarrassing one for designers hoping to show off their creative know-how.

It’s truly a challenge cherry-picking the best Met Gala jokes when you know there are gems still being produced in caves by beautiful Twitter trolls, but I have compiled ten of the best memes and moments from the 2016 Met Gala in no particular order.

1. When Kanye Got Called Out For His Blue Contacts

Kanye’s blue contacts elicited their own genre of memes last night most of which were against the icy look. This one perhaps best sums up the general sentiment.

2. Beyonce Wearing Becky’s Skin

While there are a crop of memes exploring the theme of Beyonce’s dress fulfilling the Lemonade prophesy of wearing Becky’s skin, perhaps the funniest one compared her to an endoplasmic reticulum.

3. Kylie Jenner As Lord Farquad

Once somebody gets compared to a Shrek character, you know it’s over.


4. Solange Knowles Getting Compared To A Gift Bag

It sounds harsh until you see the photo comparison. I mean

Let me get a nice card and a dress real quick #metgala #metgala2016 #fabsquad #yeezygiftwrapreadytowear #solange

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5. When Katy Perry Got Compared To A Character From Chicken Run

To be fair, Chicken Run was an amazing film. There are worse comparisons.


6. Kris Jenner As A Warning Against Online Shopping and also Maleficent. 

You know when you buy a cute dress online and then it arrives and makes your body look horrific? Well.

7. Nicole Kidman Trying To Get More Acting Work

Honestly, this assessment is pretty spot on. This whole outfit looks like a winking “remember what I can still do?!”

8. Carmelo and La La Anthony coming straight out of Aladdin

Find an accurate Disney outfit comparison for couples is beyond impressive. This one is almost eerie.

9. The Man Gazing Intently At Emma Watson

I have a feeling he was the only one attending the Met Gala I could truly relate to.

That time I became a #MetGala meme 😂😂😂

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10. The Original And Final Reminder That Beyonce Will Come For You

This was the Becky Tweet to spur all Becky memes.

Touché, internet. Touché.