Kerry Washington Is Pregnant With Her Second Child, & Fans Are Having Feelings About It

It’s been a huge year for Kerry Washington career-wise. From her continued stardom on Scandal and her recent role as Anita Hill in HBO’s Confirmation, she’s been killing it all around. And, recent news reveals that Kerry Washington is pregnant with not just brilliance but a human child!

Apparently the news broke (or the water broke amirite ladies?!) this weekend when Washington attended the White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner and fellow diners caught wind of her glowing pregnant belly. The actress and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha decided to let the public in on their increasingly obvious news, with the caveat that they’ll continue to raise their first daughter Isabelle and the new baby away from the horrors of the public eye.

As you can expect, fans of Washington had their own feelings about Washington’s newly-occupied uterus, ranging from the ecstatic to the invasive. Of course, there are also the fans competing for the title of “who predicted it first.”

This woman isn’t ready for Washington’s number two baby until she is sent a vial of the firstborn Isabelle’s blood.

This “fan” is an opportunist and saw the unique opportunity to give a multi-millionaire some fashion critique.

Here are the throngs of psychic Scandal fans days and even weeks before the official announcement.

Wardrobe cues don’t lie, apparently.

With wardrobe changes and pregnancy rumors come the inevitable unflattering tops.

Of course, now that the news is out some creeps are just plain happy.

I might be alone here, but the use of the word “glow” in relation to pregnant women makes me automatically think of a low-budget science fiction film in which the word “glow” refers to the halo encircling a UFO. In any case,  Scandal fans are fairly unanimous in their support and excitement for Washington’s second baby (save the obvious wardrobe critiques).

What’s even more pressing than the gender or name of the future baby is – how will the pregnancy affect Olivia Pope’s character?

After all, this isn’t her first time being pregnant on the show. While the writers used the first pregnancy as an opportunity to tastefully introduce abortion into the plot (and successfully deepen the characters surrounding it), fans wonder how they will write in her pregnancy this time. Will Olivia Pope the character have a child? Will they continue to dress her in loose clothing and pretend the body transformation isn’t happening? When you open up the vault of writing possibilities, there are a multitude of possible ways to either play up or skim over her real-life pregnancy. Which device will they use? Also, congratulations Kerry.