Amy Schumer Will Still Take Pictures With Her Fans, But Only If She Wants To

With great power comes great responsibility — and often throngs of disrespectful fans. Really, no matter how you feel about her comedy, it’s undeniable that Amy Schumer is currently navigating the veritable shit-storm of newly acquired fame with an impressive amount of chill. After she was harassed by an entitled fan last weekend in Greenville, North Carolina, Schumer announced that she was no longer available to take photos with fans. Now, after receiving a notable amount of trolling, the comedian has clarified her position: She loves her fans and will still take photos with respectful people. I repeat: Amy Schumer will take pictures with fans if they’re respectful. In other words, pull it together, you goddamn heathens.

The incident that ignited the conversation occurred on Saturday when a man ran up beside Schumer without any warning and startled her. Once he caught up with her – this was in front of his family, BTW – he demanded she take a fan photo with him despite her clearly saying she wanted to be left alone. His insistence and entitlement to her space caused Schumer to post the photo and story of the two of them, with a reminder to fans that she doesn’t owe them anything. The sentiment ended with Schumer saying she would no longer be available for photos except for the very rare exception.

Although there were understanding fans who read the story and were able to sympathize with Schumer’s intentions – a basic reminder that she’s not public property, despite her popularity – her call for respect garnered more online harassment from men who felt enraged by the idea that she’d say no.

Naturally, there had to be the guy who explained to Amy Schumer what being a celebrity is like.

Also, riding in on a steed of pure valor was the man who quantified Schumer’s genuine discomfort.

And then of course, there was the straight-up troll.

While most of her fans understood her desire to not have strangers photobomb her on the sidewalk, she still clarified that the Instagram wasn’t an indictment of her fans in general and was a circumstantial issue. Luckily for those concerned, she’s open to taking photos with people when she feels emotionally relaxed and comfortable with the fan.

Have a good weekend!

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Closing out the two day photo discussion, Schumer posted a link to an all-too-fitting Inside Amy Schumer sketch.

Yup. I think that pretty thoroughly sums up what it means to be a woman on the internet with any notion of boundaries.