Stevie Wonder Sings Rendition Of ‘Purple Rain’ After Jazz Fest Concert Gets Cancelled In New Orleans Because Of Storm

A rainstorm had all but flooded away an eager crowd in New Orleans yesterday – there for the city’s annual Jazz Fest – and to watch Stevie Wonder in particular. But because of a terrible rainstorms, and severe flooding, this concert and many other events had to be cancelled, making the music goers seriously upset.

Stevie Wonder addresses this crowd with the bad news via bullhorn and receives several “boos” as a result. However, he manages to bring them back when he starts to sing an impromptu A capella version of Prince’s “Purple Rain” (still while using the bullhorn, mind you). Do you think the crowd felt better after this attempt? I certainly would have!

Here is a shot of the dismal Jazz Fest, mostly cancelled due to severe thunderstorms:

In addition to Stevie Wonder’s show being nixed because of Mother Nature, rapper Snoop Dogg had to cancel his performance as well.

This is no light rainstorm here folks:

(Some music lovers were not willing to sacrifice their fun, however):

The torrential rainfall has ravaged much of the south – not just New Orleans – and includes parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Photos Courtesy of Associated Press