Susan Sarandon Explains Why She “Broke Up” With Hillary Clinton, Is Still Our Dream Mom While Doing So

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it comes down to girlfriends. Alas, Susan Sarandon has made no bones about why she dumped Hillary Clinton, specifically when it comes to the Democratic primaries. Sarandon went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her (absolutely wonderful) new movie The Meddler, but obviously the convo turned to politics. Sarandon is all fired up about Bernie Sanders, but as Colbert reveals, she and Hillz have a little history. Colbert whipped out a charming photo of Sarandon and HRC together and Sarandon commented, “Look how happy we were! And then I had to break up with her.”

OK, so that was maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but there are plenty of reasons why Sarandon and Clinton won’t be meeting at 16 Handles for some fro-yo any time soon. The first blow was the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which was an unmitigated disaster. The next was when Clinton became Secretary of State and threw her support behind fracking, among other issues the environmentalist took issue with. Sarandon went on a tear before Colbert whipped out another picture, this time of Sarandon gazing rapturously up at Bernie at a rally.

“What makes you look so moon-eyed at him?” Colbert wondered. Sarandon had plenty of reasons at the ready. (Frankly I’m more concerned about how I can get the feisty movie star to look at me the same way. I suspect it has something to do with endless games of ping pong and never, ever referring to her as Janet.)

Luckily (because yes this is important to me), Sarandon and her Thelma and Louise co-star Geena Davis are still pals. The two just celebrated the 25th anniversary of their badass flick, but chances are good the two didn’t discuss the upcoming election. Davis reportedly donated to Clinton’s campaign, according to a report from last October. It’s so important, in friendships, to know which things to just never talk about.

The Meddler, which co-stars Rose Byrne as a grief-stricken TV writer and J.K. Simmons as a surprisingly sexy silver fox, is now playing. Take your mom, and be sure to pack extra tissues.