Cher Just Accused Donald Trump’s Son Of “Killing Her Friend” & 5 Other Time She Was The Best Part Of Twitter

For those tragically uninitiated, following Cher on Twitter is one of easiest and most life-giving decisions you can make. She is an avid tweeter who provides a constant flow of all caps masterpieces, often sharing her overt political stances (95% of which I agree with), making jokes and lighthearted observations. But now, Cher has expanded her Rolodex of tweets by accusing Donald Trump’s son of murdering her friend. Fun!

To be honest, if I’m going to place my faith in the face value of any all-caps tweet, it will be a Cher tweet. Likewise, when it comes to spontaneous murder accusations, Trump’s sons feel like believable fair game. I’m not saying they are murderers, I’m just saying they seem a little…murdery SHUT UP YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT. So really, the most outlandish part of the whole murder accusation isn’t the content of the tweet itself, or who is incited, it’s the fact that she left it as a goddamn PS.

Cher is a smart lady, she knows how to perform for the public and garner their attention and spirals of obsession. It’s obvious she intended to cause a playful stir (as is made apparent by her silly emojis), before giving the ultimate reveal: The murdered friends (in this case plural) she’s referring to are the exotic animals Donald Jr. and Eric recently hunted.

As you can see, the original fire-storm tweet is perhaps the most playful murder accusation I’ve ever seen. It even manages to include a dick joke. A woman of the people, Cher only let her followers drown in curiosity for an hour before tweeting the reveal.

They do have the smug look of two men who know their father will raise a glass to their hunting conquests.

Besides the fact that they’re privileged monsters for shooting up exotic animals “for kicks,” that photo with the dead leopard is one of the most physically awkward photos I’ve seen in some time.

If this beautiful illustration of story-telling abilities and love of animals hasn’t convinced you to follow Cher on twitter, here are a few more examples of the beauty she bestows upon the world.

Logic You Can’t Really Argue With

Honestly, not sure this one even needs an explanation. It just IS. Adults just ARE Pacman.

Going In On Stanley Tucci

I would contextualize her reasons for targeting Stanley Tucci, but there is no context. Still, I fully support it.

Deep Cher Is Deep

That time Cher went full Kafka on us, and we realized she’s always been a brooding Czech writer.

I Know, Right??

Also, she understands the importance of Gummy Bears.

*Pumps Fist*

Cher epitomizes what it means to be a woman of the people and she only gets better. Honestly, if Cher decided to run against Trump, my ballot would be cast in the fraction of a second. She would never kill my friends (probably).