16 Tweets About Drake’s New Album, Views, Which Is Of Course Giving The Internet Feelings

Who in their right mind would release their new album the same week as Beyoncé’s LEMONADE? Even if you’ve had “FINALLY DROP BRAND NEW ALBUM!!!!” in the calendar for six months, every musician should have a Plan Bey, by which I mean a backup plan incase Beyonce decides to preemptively steal all the thunder. Yet here we are, on a Friday, pouring over tweets about Drake’s new album, the highly anticipated (before LEMONADE stole all the fucks we had to give) Views.

Drake debuted his new record late last night on iTunes and Apple Music, and then hosted a listening session, explaining the inspiration and other tidbits behind the 20 tracks, calling it “probably my highest level of vocal performance.” Spoiler alert: your boyfriend is all in his feelings again.

“The album is based around the changing of the seasons in our city,” Drake said, alluding to Toronto. “It’s a very unique place: You start to value your days a lot more, when seven months are spent in the icy cold.”

I have never been to Toronto. Also, I hate the cold. Should I be concerned? Can I please just listen to “Hold Up” one more time first? Did I mention Mercury also went retrograde yesterday? I wonder if Drake knew that. Because I’ve been trying to download the album, which I purchased from iTunes, for 20 minutes and keep getting error messages.

In the meantime, let’s look at the album cover art, as it’s something to behold. Is it just me or does this look like an add for Remington Furs? Or, as this Twitter user put it:


But these folks are pretty spot on too:

Views features collaborations with PARTYNEXTDOOR, Pimp C, dvsn, Wizkid, Kyla, Future, and, of course, Rihanna. Of the latter, Drake said, “Wouldn’t be an album without Rihanna.” Indeed.

So, iTunes/Mercury are still preventing me from actually listening to Views — OH NOES, guess I gotta listen to LEMONADE again — so let’s instead turn to the Twitterverse for their reactions: