Woman Tells Epic Story Of 4th Grade Sleepover Drama On Social Media, And It’s Ice Cold And Perfect

Much like competing in sports or participating in group activities, sleepovers are a pivotal part of a young person’s development. Young girls especially, live for them. Thank’s to someone perusing Yik Yak, (OMG, remember Yik Yak?!), here we have a woman telling the epic story of how she overthrew the most popular girl in her 4th grade class via this now obsolete social media platform.

Tumblr has allowed the story to resurface and we are all therefore transported back to a time before puberty and student loan payments. A simpler time, when all that mattered was being able to hang out with your friends past bedtime.

Unlike Zola’s story of her adventures as a stripper told via Twitter, I wouldn’t expect a screenplay about this tale any time soon, but it’s always enjoyable to hear about an underdog overthrowing an enemy, even on such a small scale. Read it here:


Yes Khaleesi, take what is yours with fire and blood! I don’t know what it is about young girls, but they love to exclude each other. They love having the power to select and deny. Props to with girl for figuring out at an early age that you don’t have to give in when people try to put you down. Do your own thing.

That “please think I’m cool!” mentality will never fully go away, but there are ways to have a healthier attitude and a better time than you would have had at whatever party you weren’t invited to.

Although I’m happy this person was able to retell her experience and gained support and sympathy, I sure am glad I’m not this age with social media outlets like this and Facebook. Even in my mid-twenties I get caught up on who ‘likes’ me sometimes, and I can’t imagine being that young and having to deal with it.

I remember when I has this age, I also threw a sleepover for my birthday. I didn’t want to invite EVERY girl in my class but my mom insisted that I do. “How would you like it if you were one of the only girls not invited to someone else’s party?” My 9 year old self was then able to recognize how shitty that would feel. I probably didn’t use the term ‘shitty’ at the time, but you get it.

This tale is a reminder of the power of the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. While you’re at it, you should retweet others the way you would like to be retweeted.