The Ultimate Gift Guide For The TV Obsessed


Less Starbucks gift-cards, more personalized gifts! This has been my mantra for 2016 when it comes to gift-giving. Each and every person in my life loves television. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t spent a day marathoning from the comfort of their couch. Here is the ultimate gift guide for all the TV lovers in your life – aka, everybody.

This “Yas Queen” ring from Snash Jewelry


Any Broad City fan is sure to recognize the reference. Snash offers hundreds of different ring options ranging from “Bad Bitch” to “Brunch” and everything in-between. Other TV references include the beloved Full House catch phrase, “How Rude,” a set of Golden Girls inspired friendship rings, and a necklace celebrating the pioneering feminist TV personality, Miss Piggy.

Oh, and then are also these from my private collection:


Please excuse me for posting a selfie publicly, but some accessories really do demand it.

A set of dragon eggs for mother. For the mother of dragons that is. 



This one is a bit pricey, but definitely worth the splurge for a die-hard Game Of Thrones fan. The set of three goes for $99.99 on HBO’s website, but you’re also able to purchase single eggs via the site. This is such a grand gift that it’s rumored that Jay-Z gave his Khaleesi, Beyoncé, a set of her own.

This spooky Hocus Pocus phone case. 

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 4.03.15 PM

“Boooooook!” as Winifred would say, but it this case to summon our magic we simple say, “Can you pass me my phone?” Yes, this isn’t technically a TV show, but for most of us, watching Hocus Pocus on TV is a yearly ritual only matched with watching those claymation Christmas specials on ABC Family. This iPhone case is available at, which has oodles of other items inspired by popular shows like Sex And The City  and Friends.

These “Vote Knope” Mugs.


Are you ready for Leslie? Emmy or not, Leslie Knope is one of the greatest characters to ever grace our television sets. You can purchase these mugs directly from NBC’s website, where you’ll find items from their other shows such as SNL, The Office, and Saved By the Bell. 


I’m certainly adding this sweet Bayside Tigers sweatshirt to my wish-list.

The TARDIS to go. 


Say what you want about Hot Topic, but as someone who wore fishnets throughout her high school years, I stand by it. Even if you’re not the type to dabble with studded belts and Jack Skellington hoodies, you can find merchandise of your fave TV show here, no doubt. (You can also probably find No Doubt merchandise too!)

Yes, they have all the “nerd” stuff like Doctor Who and Harry Potter, but beyond that they have Nickelodeon throwback merch, perfect for those #tbt Instagram posts. Don’t act like you’re above Hot Topic, by the way. Nobody is.

There you have it folks. Now go get your shop on for your favorite TV fans. Everyone else shall get the standard “HBD” Facebook post. I’m kidding about that last part, I’m not a monster who doesn’t take the time to write out “Happy Birthday.”