‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ Pilot Ordered Because We’re Apparently Out Of Original Ideas

Fans of the Wet Hot American Summer franchise, rejoice! Fans of original content, I’m sorry but there is going to be yet another reboot. Deadline has confirmed that Netflix has ordered eight episodes of Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, and whatever Netflix wants, Netflix gets.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of the movie. I did watch the Netflix show, but at this point, I’m a bit reboot-ed out. How many different Spider-mans does there need to be? Why can’t we just cope with the fact that Gilmore Girls is over? Was Fuller House something we could have done without?

I understand why producers do this: the guaranteed audience. Producers of film, television, and Broadway shows love the idea of giving an already existing fan-base exactly what they want. You like Carole King? Here’s a juke-box musical about her. You like superheroes? Here’s 45 different takes on the same exact story. Oh, you liked that TV show? Here it is again with just a few adjustments because we couldn’t get everyone from the original cast to sign on.

Take for example the highly anticipated re-up of Arrested Development. Being a huge fan of the original, I did tune in to the Netflix’s extension. It was fine, but not awesome. There were solid jokes and performances, but overall it lacked a lot of the magic from the original show. This often happens when trying to replicate instead of strictly create.

Also because of the casts’ schedules being so difficult to coordinate, the show was structured so that each episode was centered around a specific character. That’s all fine and good, but the magic of that show happened when all of those characters were in the same room at the same time with their energies and personalities bouncing all over the place.

Producers are clearly far less likely to take a risk on something unique and original that doesn’t already have fans. This type of mentality is quite discouraging if you ask me. Take a chance! I’m sure the producers of Hamilton are quite pleased with their ‘brave’ attempt of supportive something so innovative.

Having said all this, I will admit that this teaser is well done and entertaining. I’m excited to see this cast work together yet again, but I think I’d be just as excited to see them each working on new material individually. Here’s the teaser, let me know what you think.