Watch: Lena Dunham Reminds Us That High School Rumors Will Haunt You Forever

In many ways, high school never ends.  There’s always immature drama everywhere you turn and the “popular crew” are now your friends that seem to get a ton of likes on Facebook for no apparent reason. On a recent episode of The Chris Gethard Show, Lena Dunham confronts Griffin Newman on the rumors he started while they were both attending the same high school.

If this is your first time experiencing The Chris Gethard Showlet me fill you in. This show is “the most bizarre and often saddest talk show in New York City,” according to the website. Having been to the show myself, I have to agree. Comedian Chris Gethard facilitates a loosely formatted talk show and is joined by guests and a reoccurring cast of odd characters, including one named ‘The Human Fish” who somehow always knows the correct answer when asked a ‘this or that’ question. Like I said, it’s bizarre.

The show first emerged on the Upright Citizens Brigade stage in New York City, moved to the public access network MNN, and now has a home on Fusion. It’s a terrific show that brings on unconventional guests and often includes a heartfelt moment or two of brutal, raw honesty from either the guests, the audience, Gethard, or all three.

On this particular episode, the theme is prom – more specifically, an “Under the Sea”-themed prom. Decked out as a mermaid, guest Lena Dunham and Griffin Newman —  who is an actor, comedian, and frequent guest on the show — hash out some high school beef

Apparently, while Dunham was a senior and Newman a mere freshman, Newman spread the rumor that the two had slept together which is both adorable and hilarious. Here’s the clip via Vulture:

If only we all could confront all of our alleged rumors from high school on such a fun, supportive platform.

Newman, who described himself as a“sociopathic 14-year-old gremlin” in the video, is doing just fine for himself these days. He will be living out a childhood dream of his by portraying a super hero’s sidekick. He was cast in The Tick in an upcoming pilot produced by Amazon, according to Deadline.

You may be a sociopathic gremlin caterpillar of sorts in high school, but you could one day blossom onto a beautiful butterfly. Or in this case, a tick.