Watch Edina Kill Kate Moss in the First Full Trailer For the “Absolutely Fabulous” Movie

Watch out, world—your favorite hot mess aunties are back, and this time they’re drunker than ever. The international trailer for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie was just posted, and it looks hilarious.

After Patsy reveals that supermodel Kate Moss is looking for a new PR company, Edina and Patsy stalk her all the way to a fashion week party on a boat and where Edina accidentally kills her instead.

This trailer seems to be the same kind of slapstick absurdity the duo is known for, and nice to see that their comeback features them in full swing. There are already some great cameos: Edina’s daughter, Saffron (Julia Sawalha), still seems to be the moral heartbeat of the show, Rebel Wilson seems to reverse-taze Patsy into calmness on a flight, and Jon Hamm shows up as some kind of former sexual conquest of Patsy’s (we’re questioning the timeline). Stella McCartney even makes a cameo as herself, upset at the idea that Edina might actually be wearing her clothes.

The AbFab movie wasn’t always going to happen. In 2009, co-creator Jennifer Saunders was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she kept from the public for almost a full year before being seen at a party without her wig. She’s since fully recovered.

Even though it hasn’t been released yet, the movie is not without its detractors. When comedian and actress Margaret Cho found out Scottish actress Janette Tough was cast as a Japanese fashion designer, she took to Twitter to point out the folly of using “yellowface” (when a white actor portrays an Asian person; think Mickey Rooney in Breakfast At Tiffany’s).

The producers have not yet commented on the accusation, or the character Cho is referencing.