This Michigan Teacher Was Allegedly Fired After Saying “Vagina” In A Lecture About Georgia O’Keefe

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already mad from the headline. “Vagina” is a word that makes many people uncomfortable, and in some cases, makes you unemployed. According to Detroit Free Press, Alison Wint, a middle school teacher in Michigan, was fired for saying “vagina” while giving a lecture on Georgia O’Keefe.

“Vagina” is not a bad word. I know that, you know that, and so does Wint. The eighth grade teacher had planned on having a mature dialogue about the art, but she apparently didn’t receive “proper permission” to use such language.

Let’s back up for a second. These kids are in eighth grade, which means they’re around 14-15 years old. This was not a class of kindergarteners, this was a class of YOUNG ADULTS. I got my period for the first time in eighth grade and I’m sure some of these students have hit that milestone as well. These students are of age to menstruate, but apparently can’t handle a discussion on vaginal imagery in modern art?!

So, what exactly went down? According to the Detroit Free Press,

“Through the course of the lecture, she went on to use the word vagina “maybe 10 times,” she said. “But it was never in a vulgar capacity”…Wint told the Free Press she expected the students to giggle, which they did. But by the end of the class, she says the dialogue seemed productive.”

Seems completely harmless to me. And get this- the principal that fired her was a woman. Principal Kim Thayer insisted that Wint “had used the word “vagina … without previous approval,” a violation of the school’s policy.”

The more we treat vagina as a “bad word” the more shame these female students will ultimately feel about their own. Wint agrees,

“Being afraid of the word … creates an aura of shame around the body part…”

Wint had only gotten “in trouble” one other instance before her termination. She was forced to take down a poster made by a student that read “Marriage is about love, not gender.”  Yikes. Way to perpetuate intolerance on a bunch of levels Principal Thayer.

It should be noted that not all officials are on Thayers’ side here. State Rep. Lisa Brown, who voted against the State’s strict abortion regulations. Back in 2012,  she told supporters of the bill “”I’m flattered you’re all so interested in my vagina. But no means no.” This was in reference to the proposal. “She was silenced from speaking about any issues for the rest of the final day of that legislative session.” According to the Free Press.

Here is her Tweet about the current situation:

I don’t know about you, but if my kids went to Harper Creek, I would have them relocated. Might as well move out of Michigan while you’re at it.