People Are Comparing Themselves To Cheesecake On Twitter & It’s Surprisingly Delightful

I tend to side-eye a lot of Twitter hashtags and trending topics, as I never find them as funny/interesting/entertaining as the hype suggests, so I’m surprised I even clicked on #compareyourselftocheesecake2016 while I was lying in bed last night. I’m even more shocked that the results were so fucking delightful that I found myself actually wanting to, gulp, participate.

First, why the fuck are people comparing themselves to cheesecake? WELL, it all started when user @CKerione posted a photo of herself looking gorgeous and lovely in a white dress with red detailing. See, isn’t she flawless? WERK:

But because Twitter is where chicken shit men go to anonymously fuck with women, some dumbass dude replied and [email protected] to a piece of strawberry cheesecake. The implication seemed to be insulting, so a couple of other women on Twitter —[email protected] and @Kennabbby — came to @CKerione’s defense by encouraging others to post their cheesecake doppelgangers. After all, what is so wrong about being compared to cheesecake? Cheesecake is AH-MAZING. The idea of finding a cheesecake in your likeness sounds kind of dumb and WTF at first, I know, but YO, the results are UNCANNNNNNNY. Here’s a sampling:

See what I mean?! How good are these cheesecake twins? Some of them look more alike than the Olsen twins, I swear. (Side note: Show me 100 photos of the Olsen twins and I swear on my copy of New York Minute that I’ll be able to tell them apart 100 percent of the time.)

I love everything about this hashtag — it’s a strangely hilarious, utterly positive, appetite-stimulating response to yet another troll being rude to someone he doesn’t know. Now, time for me to find MY cheesecake doppelganger…



IT’S LIKE LOOKING IN A MIRROR. Of course, I’m not done. Here’s Lucca:

Pretend to be immersed in a work project and instead go forth and find your cheesecake doppelgangers! I’m gonna go find some cheesecake to eat now…