5 Hidden Tattoo Spots You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Tattoos have reached mainstream status to such an extent that it’s almost more shocking now to find a semi-hip person under 40 without a tattoo than it is someone with a full sleeve. But even so, the endless tattoo possibilities trail on and people are constantly finding more and more ways to incorporate not only creative imagery, but unexpected body parts as their canvases.

We all know the most obvious and simultaneously risky tattoo spot is the face. After all, there’s a reason it’s a bold enough spot to put you in the Guinness Book of World Records or document your status as a murderer. But what about the less visible or popular spots for planting your tattoos? What if you want to get a portrait of Rod Blagojevich eating a popsicle on a body part that only an elite few will be granted access to?

A quick visit to the hashtag #TattoosofInstagram can provide you with some major inspiration – or mild horror depending on the photo – and remind you that your body is a terrifying meat robot composed of many diverse parts, all of which you can ink up with a picture of a squid.

For those feeling overwhelmed by the idea of sifting through a whole hashtag for themselves, I have picked out five hidden tattoo spots you may not have thought of.

1. Side Boob/Rib Cage

I can already hear the whispers of people who have side boob tattoos saying that it’s not really a weird or completely hidden spot. While I’m not here to argue that side boobs are obscure themselves, side boobs remain underrated in general. And, when combined with the rib cage, they give a lot of smooth surface area for tattoos of bicycles or crying wolves. Plus, it’s a spot that’s usually hidden which automatically makes the tattoos safe-guarded from idiot strangers.

2. Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos have come into their own in recent years as the most popular of the least popular tattoo placement. Or in layman’s terms, a good place to get your first hibiscus flower you don’t want your Christian mother to see. One of the nicest things about ankle tattoos is that they’re easy to show off with strappy footwear if you so desire.


3. Armpit Tattoos

While the sound of getting an armpit tattoo sounds ultra-sensitive and painful, if you’re picking a smaller tattoo your armpit can serve as a gallery less obvious than your biceps. Plus, it’s gotta be satisfying to lift your arms and have something more visually alluring to show off than ingrown pit hair.


4. Ear Tattoos

Hidden in plain sight would be the most fitting descriptor for ear tattoos. Are they closely connected to your face? Yes. Do they count as face tattoos? I’d say no.


5. Butt Tattoos

I’m sorry, but if you’ve read this far you knew it was coming. Although it’s not impossible, it seems almost sacrilegious to make a list of hidden tattoo spots without including the classic butt tat. Butts are usually hidden from the public, except during the summer when they sometimes come out to play. They generally provide ample space for a tattoo. It’s certainly an option.


Are there other places? Sure? Go get a tattoo on your the inside of your middle finger or behind your knee or on the underside of your tit or wherever else you think is cute. Do you, boo.