Watch: Women Sportswriters Listen To Men Read Hateful, Garbage Tweets About Them

As female sportswriters, Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro are all too familiar with brutal, sexist online harassment. But, watching the women listen to men read the mean tweets lobbed at them by so many faceless Twitter eggs really hammers the point home. Spain and DiCaro collaborated with Not Just Sports to produce a video where these sportswriters listen to men read actual tweets so to spread awareness of the online trolling towards women that happens every day. More specifically, the video is designed to make men more aware.

I’m all for the cause, but the execution of the video seems a little harsh for these selected male participants. In an email interview with Jezebel, sportswriter and harassment target Julie DiCaro explains how the video came to be.

“The guys in the video are just random guys who thought they were being recruited to do a Kimmel-esque ‘Mean Tweets’ reading with local reporters,” she writes. “They had no idea what they were about to read. These are random tweets Sarah and I pulled from our mentions.”

Although the results are powerful, I can’t help but feel a bit bad for these fellas. They themselves didn’t write these cruel words and they seem to deliver the lines with a sense of guilt as if they had.

In the video, the men stumble over the cutting curses towards the women because the theory is that nobody would ever say such harsh insults directly to somebody’s face. The video would be far more poignant if they were able to bring in the actual authors of these awful insults, but we all know that would never be the case. Those guys would undoubtably cower in the basement that they live in and refuse to be interviewed.

The video starts light with friendly introductions and even laughter shared between everyone involved. It then takes a dark turn when the participants read the following tweet aloud,

“One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick, like the whore you are c*nt.”

And it gets worse from there. Here, go on and watch for yourself:

You see what I mean? It’s almost as if these specific men are being punished for other sexist men’s actions. I’m not saying that the video in ineffective, it is truly quite powerful. These male participants and men that have watched the video are now very much aware of how harsh and personal online harassment can be and that these tweets are indeed #MoreThanMean. I’m just saying #NotAllMen.