Video Of Chris Christie At The Bruce Springsteen Concert Last Night Will Heal Whatever Is Hurting Your Soul Right Now

“Meet Me In The City” was the first track on Bruce Springsteen’s setlist last night and Chris Christie took the tunnel in from Jersey and to do just that. The Boss played in Brooklyn last night and an attendee managed to snag a quick video of Chris Christie at the Bruce Springsteen concert so that we can giggle at it while at work today. Christie, like most New Jersey-ians, is a huge fan. When he’s is not endorsing Trump or meticulously eating M&Ms, he’s most likely listening to Springsteen.

What’s amazing about this video – aside from having a good laugh at his expense –  is that it humanizes the joke of a man that is Christie. In this video he’s not the physical embodiment of everything wrong with New Jersey, he’s a dad rocking out at a concert while wearing his dress shirt and tie from work.

Springsteen has been in everybody’s feed lately for being one of the first artists to refuse to perform in North Carolina due to their intolerant laws that discriminate against the LGBT community. This is a bold statement for Springsteen to make especially. As you can see from the video, Bruce’s audience is primarily older, straight, white men, a.k.a those that are unaffected and perhaps even unaware of the situation happening in North Carolina. Everybody listens to The Boss, so kudos to him for using his position to create awareness.

Enough with the exposition, here’s the oh-so-silly footage of Christie in action:

I don’t know about you, but the star of the video for me is the guy right in front of Christie who appears emotionless while Christie and other surrounding fans are rocking out, as true fans should. What’s his deal? He should have given up his ticket to a true die-hard fan.

I say, good for Christie. At your heroes’ concert you should be able to get lost in it and air-drum like nobody is filming you on their phone. I was all sorts of humiliating when I saw Beyoncé for the first time, but thankfully I’m not a famous person and nobody filmed me –  at least not to my knowledge.