Samantha Bee Skewers the Cruz/Kasich Alliance Because Not Even They Can Stop Donald Goddamn Trump

Another week has gone by and so another Full Frontal episode has aired. Here we have a video of Queen Bee doing what she does best- going in. As the show’s opener, Samantha Bee mocks Ted Cruz and John Kasich’s alliance. Remaining true to herself and the nature of the show, she doesn’t hold back.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about election-ed out. I’m tired of my friends trying to sell me on either Hilary or Bernie during our brunch catch-up. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be discussing the election or current events in social situations, I’m merely saying that I’m currently exhausted from it.

But, Bee has a way of making the news new. She finds the details that haven’t come up on our feeds yet. She uses her sharp wit to bring me back in again. Bee has undoubtably done a lot for the late night format in general but for me, the most important thing that she is doing is using extensive research and a rapier wit to try to make sense of all the crazy that is happening.

Here, she addressed the persistent losers of the current Presidential race. As Bee explains, the first step for these candidates in dealing with their inevitable loss is denial, followed by more denial.

My favorite thing about the video is how Bee and her team fact-check each and every idiotic claim made from each and every one of these “jamokes.”

Note: I couldn’t resist googling “jamoke” and the first definition that popped up was a blend of java and mocha, which sounds delicious. The second, was “slang for male genitalia” – which I’ve never before heard, but I believe it. The third definition was “A clumsy loser who is incapable of doing normal human tasks” which I found on I find it concerning that Mark Kirk knew about this term and I did not, but I digress.

Anyway, I sure am glad that Full Frontal exists and here’s hoping that Trump never gets the opportunity to become “more presidential”- whatever that means.