Mississippi Says Domestic Abuse Is Not Grounds For Divorce, So Fuck That Mess

There are two types of divorce in the United States — no fault divorce and fault divorce – and each comes with its own list of grounds, i.e. the official reasons under which a divorce will be granted, and they vary from state to state. For example, in Mississippi, grounds for a fault divorce, or a divorce where one party is held primarily responsible for the breakdown of the marriage, include impotence, adultery, bigamy, incurable mental illness, habitual drug and/or alcohol abuse, getting knocked up by another man, etc. One thing that’s shockingly not on the list, and won’t be anytime soon? Domestic violence. According to the Associated Press, a recent bill that would have added domestic abuse to the list of grounds for divorce did not pass the Mississippi State Senate.

Apparently, the bill initially did pass the State Senate, but the addition of two amendments that would have also added a two-year separation as another grounds for divorce led to the bill being killed.

“We were devastated,” Lorine Cady, the founder of a Mississippi domestic violence shelter, told a local TV news station. “It is shocking that you can mistreat your partner and there’s no penalties for that, that you must just continue to live in that.”

Had the bill passed, it would have required the abused party to “prove” the allegations to a chancery judge, though it would not require there to be existing criminal charges or a conviction against the alleged abuser. The accused party would have the opportunity to defend themselves against the abuse allegations in chancery court, however. I wonder if the burden of proof is this high for impotency claims?

The bill was sponsored by Republican state Senator Sally Doty, who said she plans to reintroduce the bill next year, this time without any amendments that might risk its chances of passing.

“I will be a bit more strong and try not to allow anything to be tagged along with it that would kill it next year,” Doty told WDAM.

Meanwhile, Mississippi women looking to divorce their abusive partners will have to cite other grounds, as violence in the home is apparently not serious enough — but a limp dick is.


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