Is Rita Ora ‘Becky With The Good Hair?’ The Beyhive Is Coming For Her Now

The visually and aurally stunning release of Beyonce’s Lemonade two days ago has the whole internet in an emotional frenzy wondering how we’re supposed to manage our feelings in the aftermath. The strong themes of infidelity stirred up people’s curiosity and speculation, prompting the question: will Beyonce and Jay-Z stay together or get divorced? Days after the release, old rumors have been revived that have people wondering is Rita Ora “Becky with the good hair” from Lemonade?”

The 25-year-old singer has been signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation for over 5 years, and this isn’t the first time she’s been accused of being “the other woman.” Apparently, in 2013 Rita faced accusations of sleeping with Jay-Z which she swiftly denied, saying it was disrespectful to Beyonce to even suggest the possibility. Now, in the speculative shit-storm following the release of Lemonade, those rumors have been revived – receiving even more fuel from the fact that just days ago she posed in lemon-themed lingerie on snapchat. In the last few hours alone, Rita Ora has found herself drowning in a whirlpool of insults and accusations from loyal Beyhive members, which likely serves as a relief to Rachel Roy who despite a questionable Instagram post, has vehemently denied accusations that she is Becky.

Honestly, if Rita isn’t “Becky with the good hair” the timing of her lemon-themed lingerie post was deeply unfortunate. Considering the fact that she’s been accused of being Jay-Z’s side-chick in the past, the accusations were likely to roll around to her anyways.

Wherever there’s Beyonce-related drama, Twitter is five steps ahead of the game.

I mean, that photo does display a pretty high level of comfort between Jay-Z and Rita. But does comfort automatically equate sleeping together, especially when you’ve worked together?! I’m frankly on the fence.

Really though, I’m anxiously waiting to hear what other women will be investigated. Will this witch-hunt expand into a long list? Or will the Bey-hive settle on one of the two women already targeted?!

It certainly doesn’t help Rita’s case that this morning she was spotted wearing an exact replica of Beyonce’s outfit in “Formation,” including her pendant necklace featuring an R flipped to look like a J.


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Seriously, Rita?! I wanted to be on your side. I wanted to rise above it all and be more for Beyonce than I am against the side-chicks (especially considering this will likely hurt their careers more than Jay-Z because of sexism). But if you’re trying to convince people you’re NOT Becky, then maybe don’t rip off Beyonce’s outfit from one of her most recent music videos? At this point it seems like whether or not she actually is Becky, Rita wants to be Becky. Good luck with that!