How To Get Tickets For Drake’s Tour? Calm Down, Here’s What You Need To Know

And now, some nice news: Drake, the swole-st, corniest rapper in the game, is releasing his highly-anticipated album Views From The 6″on April 29th.  And, naturally, he’s also going on tour.  Clearly, you will want tickets. But, how to buy Drake tickets?  If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Just kidding! Or am I?

Tickets aren’t even on sale yet, you silly goose, but when the time comes, you will simply turn on your computer, open an internet browser of your choice, head over to Ticketmaster dot com the website, search for the tour dates in your city (or somewhere you can get to via pluck and a Greyhound ticket/ride share/mini pony caravan) and prepare yourself to spend more money than you probably want to on a Friday.

The last time he was on stage was at the Brit Awards with Rihanna, who did what she does, while he just sorta stood there. This time he will be on stage with Future, DVSN and “special guests.” Imagine the privilege of witnessing this spectacle for yourself.  How insane, that an artist with an album coming out would go on tour to support said album! Surely, this is the biggest surprise — bigger than “Lemonade,” bigger than the entire world learning about what a Becky is. This is huge. 


Drake. Future. #SummerSixteenTour. Tickets on sale Friday 4/29.

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Man, that’s a lot of tour dates, Drake. Busy summer, yes? Drake will be joined on the road with Future, which means you can probably expect to hear a lot of stuff off “What A Time To Be Alive” that mixtape/album/bunch of stuff they had lying around that came out, oh, I don’t know…last September. Been a while, boys! But, if you’re staring at these words and wondering who and why and what’s the point of even caring, never fear. We’re here for you.

What’s a Future and why should I care?

Future is a rapper from Atlanta. He’s known for making music that sounds great at both 2am and 12pm on a Saturday in your room alone and for being kind of a shit to Ciara, the mother of his child, Future. The reason he and Drake are going on tour together is because they released a mixtape called “What A Time To Be Alive.” Future also released an album in Feburary called “Evol” which is “love” spelled backwards and is, uh, not the nicest about Ciara. Cross your fingers that he does this one on tour, though,

Pre-Drake, Future made a mixtape a week, it seemed, and they were all fantastic. Here’s the first Future song I ever heard. If you haven’t yelled “I wear Gucci, I wear Bally at the same damn time” somewhere dark and hot with a drink in your hand, then you haven’t lived. Remedy that.

Oh, I see. Mmm, will a Metro Boomin’ be there? I hear he’s popular.
I can’t confirm or deny his presence but I can tell you that if he don’t trust you…watch out.

Were any Drakes harmed in the making of the album cover?

Once again, I am not the plug. I am merely a person who likes Drake. But, I’m pretty sure that computer technology has evolved to a point where a tiny Drake could be put in basically any situation, so I feel confident that no Drakes were harmed in the making of this cover art.

To the city I love and the people in it…Thank you for everything #VIEWS

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Where are the tickets? I’d like the tickets. Do you have the tickets? When can I buy the tickets?

April 29th. That’s when tickets are available. The album will also be out on April 29th, so you can refresh your Ticketmaster tabs while listening to it and crying tears of fat, sweet joy.