These Two Women Covering “Kiss” By Prince On The Train In London Will Make Your Goddamn Heart Explode

Alright! So I wasn’t planning to make this a morning solely devoted to exploring all the best tributes to Prince, but this is clearly the journey we’re on this morning, so let’s just all bravely take it together. I’m sure other shit happened this week…whatever. Prince died. I think it’s fine if we just continue to pause here for a moment until we all collectively remember how to breathe again. Here’s something that might help in that ongoing endeavor (the whole “making basic life-sustaining functions continue in a post-Prince world” thing): these two girls covering Prince on the subway. Dear god, I was ready to hate them in the beginning, but this entire situation unfolded like an exquisite purple flower opening in the sun and I’m here for all of it.

Like I said, at first, I was like, “Oh, these fucking girls. They’re going to play some overly stylized, girl-ed out cover of a Prince song that sacrifices all of its raw greatness in service to their own annoying, bullshit aesthetic because everyone is a monster and I hate life and miss Prince and also Bowie while we’re at it!” *swipes everything off desk; chugs wine from bottle* But then! I actually watched it…and it was just uncomplicated joy. I love all of these people. (Hey, at least if I’m a perennial “judge before watching/reading” kind of internet user, I’m hasty about retracting my misplaced ire when I call it wrong.)

Anyway, hey! Let’s watch these nice people:

The world is maybe not entirely made out of steaming hot garbage after all.