Chevrolet’s “Little Red Corvette” Prince Ad Is Completely And Utterly Perfect — Here’s Why

As much as I was expecting to hate it as soon as it occurred to me that it would inevitably happen, Chevy’s “Little Red Corvette” ad for Prince is actually as on point as anyone could’ve hoped for. It’s heartbreaking, actually. It feels like — as it ideally should — like the ad is more about Chevy acknowledging that they’re blessed as fuck (truth) to have been allowed to be a part of Prince’s legacy, rather than capitalizing on his untimely death to sell cars.

While the musical tributes to Prince have been consistently solid (I mean, look, I’m not here to criticize at this moment anyway, which should give you some insight into my emotional state in the wake of Prince’s passing; I’m always here to criticize celebrities, so I must truly be broken inside right now), the brand responses have been…well, they’ve been as hit-or-miss (and sometimes outright shitty and irritating) as one could reasonable expect. Corporate takes on real, emotional, human experiences — especially those involving loss — are rarely able to come across as anything other than opportunistic and cheap.

This, however, is not the case with Chevy. Probably because they went with only the basics: Prince’s own lyrics, the barest and clearest expression of his departure (birth and death years), and a shot of a red Corvette that is sexy enough for someone like me to have no choice but to aptly describe it as such.

The ad also appears in print.

Chevy's tribute to #Prince. L❤️ve it. #LittleRedCorvette #chevrolet #RIP

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Doesn’t really take the edge off the loss, but it’s nice to see someone get it right.